The Speech Shuttle will help your child communicate effectively and confidently – while saving you the time and hassle of scheduling therapy around other work and family commitments. 

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SAGE Therapy, LLC
"Our son began working with Sage Jackson when he was 4 years and 10 months old. Disfluency had been a struggle for him since the age of two and a half, but by the age of 4, we noticed the facial tensions he would make when speaking and we also noticed comments older children were making as our little guy would begin to speak. Sage came recommended to us by our pediatrician. Being full time working parents, the Speech Shuttle was the perfect solution for our sweet boy as Mr. Sage would visit B at his preschool for twice weekly therapy sessions. Sage immediately connected with B over a love for baseball and our little guy was hooked on having Mr. Sage help him with his speech. Within two months we noticed huge gains for our little boy. His facial straining was almost gone, he was becoming smoother in his speech, family and friends were pulling us aside to ask who was working with B, and most importantly, our son’s confidence in himself and his speaking began to improve. Within 6 months, B was down to one session of therapy a month. Sage continued to work with B as he entered Kindergarten and by the middle of the year, B had become a child confident in his speaking abilities. He was a completely different child when it came to his speaking and his confidence and we credit that change to Sage’s teaching. Sage was always professional and communicated regularly with us on B’s progress being sure to let us know what to work on at home between therapy sessions. The Speech Shuttle was an answered prayer for our family in a time of need. Sage Jackson provides a fantastic experience for both children in need of speech therapy and his services are perfect for parents! Wonderful experience!!"

- Mom, Cumming, GA

“Sage worked with my daughter for several months during her kindergarten year.  He was very easy to work with in setting up a weekly schedule that worked for my family and provided excellent and easy to understand progress reports.  

My daughter always looked forward to her sessions and felt very comfortable with Sage.  We are very pleased with the improvements in her speech.”

- Dad, Alpharetta, GA

"Ethan turned 3 years old in April and only had a few words.  His vocabulary consisted of "no" and the occasional "mama" and "dada".  He had several temper tantrums a day because he could not tell us what he needed.  There was simply no communication.  We tried sign language and pictures to help him connect words with his wants and needs.  Nothing seemed to be working.  He participated in the Babies Can't Wait program from 1 1/2 to age 3 and received speech therapy.  Unfortunately, he made very little progress.  

Sage started working with Ethan in June 2010 and Ethan was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia and Autism in July. Within a few weeks of working with Sage, Ethan began talking!!  He is now saying many words to communicate his wants and needs and the temper tantrums are not as frequent.  He adores Sage and looks forward to speech.  We are so happy for Ethan to have a positive speech experience and are so thankful that Sage is a part of our lives."

Mom, Cumming, GA

“It was recommended that my son go through speech therapy. He was very resistant to the idea. However, when the speech shuttle showed up at our home, this ALL changed. He looked forward to his time with Sage every week. Sage was great with my son. My son doesn't typically open up to people quickly, but did so with Sage. I HIGHLY recommend his services. Ty is currently done with therapy, yet asks if he can just do it still because it's fun. :) If we ever need speech therapy again, we wouldn't call anyone else.” 

Mom, Suwanee, GA