It can be very frustrating for children and for the parents when a  child struggles to communicate or interact with others.

Unfortunately, parents are often advised to "wait and see" or hear "they will probably grow out of it."  Research shows early intervention is very effective. Issues can often be resolved in less time, helping the child to establish the foundational skills required further development.

Our credentialed and experienced therapists can help. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Articulation disorders  - difficulty producing speech sounds correctly; sounds may be omitted ("pay" for "play"), distorted ("ship" for "sip"), or substituted ("wock" for "rock").
  • Phonological disorders - multiple errors that can be grouped on some principle or characteristic and thus form patterns that severely affect intelligibility. 
  • Language delays and disorders - using language and grammar to convey meaning.
  • Fluency – disruptions in the production of speech sounds, also called "disfluencies." 
  • Phonological awareness and pre-literacy skills - associating sounds with letters, differentiating between two sounds that are similar, rhyming, segmenting words and blending sounds.
  • Social language and pragmatics - following rules for conversations, using language for different purposes, changing the way language is used depending on the situation.

Our play-based therapy (games, toys, books, songs, etc.) will improve your child’s speech and language skills, build their confidence and allow them to build a solid foundation for future success.

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